About Us

Let me tell you why we’re different!

Yes, we all use some of the same equipment and ink/toner and paper but certain “service differences” can be extreme.

Compare your current printer against this brief, partial list of compelling reasons why my clients in all different businesses recommend us.

We Print It Right – The First Time – Guaranteed. We don’t do reprints – There is no need! Our proven system gets it perfect first time.

Deadline Promises Kept. Sometimes a day or two late doesn’t matter – sometimes it does. The No.1 complaint about printers? – you’re right! Promises made, but not kept. Unreliable Cheap Printers cost you money/time. They MAY give you the cheapest price, but at a time and quality cost.

Fast Quotes. Same day quotes wherever possible. Geared towards offering you true value for money prices.

Personal Attention … Local Accessibility. YOU become MY client – That means that I’m here for YOU. You are not a just a number here. We understand good old fashioned customer service.

Efficient Client Service. We keep very detailed files – Repeats, re-run orders, changes, you can be confident in the knowledge we have all your past job details correctly stored.

Outsourcing. Print supply has evolved – we work together with several ‘hand picked’ specialist trade suppliers with the best equipment to give you value for money with the same standard we have ourselves, that has a price benefit for you, our client.

Customer Testimonials. Just a selection on each of our web site pages. Some of them have been clients for 5, 10, even 20 years! Almost every one of them has referred other clients to us.